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We have introduced some online services that we hope will make your Member interactions with the Club easier.  You can view your transactions, make online reservations, pay charges/subscriptions and top up your club card, these are just some of the things you can do from our website RIYC.IE.

There are two places you need to set up your log in, if you haven't done so already.
The first is in the Members Area of the website, complete the registration here

The pages in Member central are:

The second is the Member Online payments facility 'My Club Account', see instructions here

'My Club Account' is the name of the Online Payments portal and it has differents areas:

Payments - Here you can Top-up your Club card and pay Club charges such as Subscriptions, staff fund and outstanding amounts on your Account.

Top-Up Club Card - In the payments tab you will see 'Top Up', use this function to top up your own Club card.

Top-Up Another's  Club Card - you can make a one off Top Up to another Members Club Card! This feature is great for splitting bills, or to give a gift of spending money to be used in the Club! Click on TOP UP, then click on 'Pay Member'. Enter their Member number, First Name or Surname and press Search. Chose the Member from the list, it's that easy!

Add/List Beneficiary - If there is another Member (family or friend) that you wish to make regular payments to their Subscription or  Club Account, you can add them here. They will be added to your list of payments, and you deceide when and what you want to pay for them. 

Events & Ticketing -  Here you can book and pre-pay for events such as Bridge Lessons, the Vintage Car Rally, Snooker, Christmas or our Spring Ball Event and various Sailing events. You will find our live events in the 'Ticketing' section. If you have credit on your Club card, you can use that to pay for your ticket.

Merchandise Shop - Here you can purchase our Club merchandise to collect at the Club, or have it delivered for the cost of the postage. Only Credit/Debit cards can be used for payment here at the moment.

If you are having problems with the online services, please don't hesitate to call the secretary on 01 2809452 ext 2 or email here.

Instructions to register in the Members Area
Instructions to register with online Payments