The RIYC BOOK CLUB is about the enjoyment of reading. Monthly meetings are relaxed occasions and no one in this group should feel obliged to read every book every month. 
In addition to the monthly meetings the Group regularly participates in Club lunches and events. Come and make some new friends, share a laugh, have some complimentary tea and scones, talk about all types of topics & generally just have a good time. 

A reminder that our next meeting is on Wednesday 16th January at 11 o'clock in the Drawing Room.
We will discuss the award winning novel The Shoe Maker and his daughter by Conor O'Cleary, recounting the story of his wife's family from Stalins Soviet Russia to Putins Russia of today. 
The next meeting will be Wednesday 6 February at 11am. It is planned to collate a reading list for 2019 and all suggestions will be most welcome the following suggestions have already been made :- The Milkman, The Seven Sisters, Mary Mary 
For information on the book club contact: Mary Delehanty on