BILLIARDS and SNOOKER have been an integral part of the RIYC since the clubhouse was built.  The billiards room itself is purpose built and has been in regular use ever since by members of all ages.

The RIYC Billiards/Snooker group grows from strength to strength.  Significant refurbishment has taken place in the Billiards/Snooker Room, with new muted round-the-room lighting, significantly improved table lighting, refurbished table - levelled, pockets marginally widened, new rests, extensions etc.  The current 2024 Snooker Scratch and Billiards Handicap competitions are coming to a finale on 19th April, and of course our Black-Tie dinner takes place (likely in the Library) that evening. The fee is €65, Book & Pay here for Dinner

With all this positive progress, we have an urgent request to all current and former players.  If you keep a cue in the club, we need to have a record of same.  We have many cues in both locked and unlocked holders, many of which appear not to have been used in years. There will now be a new number on each tube – please advise us ([email protected]) of your tube number if your cue is inside.  Eventually we will have to open unclaimed tubes and put any cues therein in the rack for general use.   

Snooker & Inclusion

We have had a great response to the Intro to Snooker & Billiards night, and are now full to capacity with 11 people signed up. 
If you missed out this time, and/or if there is enough continued interest, we will run a second, similar introductory night in February. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll put your name down for that. 

Sign up by emailing [email protected] 

Happy New Year from the Snooker Committee. 

2023 Billiards and Snooker

9th December, 2022.  Organisers Ken Rogan and Chris Johnston (Referee) with 2022 Snooker Handicap winner David Stewart and runner-up, Colin Byrne.

The preliminary round of the Billiards competition is getting underway at the moment, and there is still time to take part, if you wish to join the competition. The first series of matches are being played to assess the effectiveness of handicaps, as the Snooker & Billiards committee is very keen to create as level a playing field as possible. Now, therefore, is an excellent time to get involved. Following this round of games, a draw will be created for the competition proper. If you are interested in taking part, email [email protected].

Meanwhile, Members interested in a friendly game of snooker, or billiards, are welcome to come to the snooker room every Tuesday night, where a regular playing group has been established. Typically, the players play from around 1930-2230, with doubles / limited-time games / reduced-reds games being played to accommodate everyone who turns up.  


2022 NEWS
Thankfully the Club snooker/billiards activities are now back to normal after the Covid hiatus.

The 2022 Snooker Handicap completion is well underway at the moment, with some 40 members playing.  The final will be played on 9th December during the Black-Tie Dinner in the club when competitors and members are guaranteed a superb night of “entertainment” until the early hours.  Competitors are automatically booked in, but members are most welcome to join us for the festivities and to experience at first-hand what billiards/snooker has to offer!  Please advise Catering if you wish to join in.

The 2020 competitions did not take place but the interrupted 2021 handicap final involving John Coolican and Hugh Kelly eventually took place on 28th October last with Hugh Kelly emerging as winner – his name will be added for the second time to the illustrious Winners Board in the snooker room.
The Inter-Club competition has also resumed and after the first round of fixtures, the Royal St. George team lead.  The National and Royal Irish teams are in hot pursuit.  All to play for in 2023 but we are absolutely confident of finishing on the podium.

For 2023, we will have the Billiards Handicap and the Snooker Scratch competitions starting in January so keep in touch and get your entry in as soon as details are announced.  Billiards is a very entertaining game, and we hope to run an introductory evening in January to explain the game, review the rules etc so as to entice members to join in.  A single-entry fee covers both competitions and, of course, the championship Black-Tie dinner.

You are all welcome to participate in this year’s event. Unless we hear from you to the contrary by 15 September, we will assume you are participating. The draw will be made available shortly thereafter. The charge for entry, including dinner and wine on the night of the final, is €60. Please settle up promptly to avoid the need for follow-up calls. The final night will be the 9th December. Any responses, questions or correspondence on the competition or anything snooker related to be sent via email please to [email protected]. Please encourage your friends, crew members, fellow socialites to join up also.
We expect the interclub matches to re-commence this year with the normal home and away fixtures against the National and George. Generally, there are two games before Christmas and 2 in January/February. Ken Rogan & Chris Johnston will be in touch about the Interclub, so contact them directly, or express your interest in playing via [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you in the snooker room regularly over the coming months.



Members can use the calendar in the Billiards Room to book the table.