Sailability at RIYC, which provides courses for children with physical impairments each Summer, was delighted and incredibly grateful to have received a generous donation from a long-standing Member of the Club to further this wonderful initiative. 

The first week in August is the annual Sailability week in the RIYC and a great time was had by all. Alina, Grace, Leo, Adam and Ben had a ball - from sailing single handed outside the harbour, to learning the racing rules. Our exceptional team of instructors and perfect weather conditions certainly played their part. 

A big thank you to Head Instructor Hannah Leonard for all the organisation and special thanks to Angus O' Gallagher and assistants Mark Maguire, Kate Mc Mullan, Rory Mc Mullan and Tess O'Neill for not only the instruction on the water but the fun ashore.
If you would like to donate towards this wonderful cause, please contact or call into the Club.