Mysail.team – connecting Skippers and Crew. 

Before the pandemic we were about to introduce an app that will allow crew and skippers to connect more efficiently. Our plan was to trial it during the 2020 Spring Chicken, but this was not possible. With the 2021 sailing season about to kick off, now is the time to re introduce the app. 

The app is being used successfully all around the world. To make it a success in the RIYC it will require as many sailors and skippers to sign up and set up profiles on the app. It not only allows new sailors and skippers to connect, but it can also be used by skippers to manage their crew rosters and allow crew to ‘sign up’ for particular events or races. Skippers know all too well the challenge of ensuring their boat has adequate crew or each race and this will greatly simplify the task. 

You can explore Mysail.team on this link.