Guy will be swimming a mile each day during the month of May to raise funds for Cancer charities. He will be joined each day during the month by supporters that will complete the mile challenge. In all, 70 swimmers from around the world will swim the mile and support the fundraising effort. One in two of us will experience Cancer during our lifetimes - we would be very grateful if you could support this massive initiative!

Guy's Story
In November 2017, at the age of 34, during a routine check they found a tumour and I became a cancer patient. My incredible surgeon performed a bowel resection straight away but a subsequent PET scan revealed the disease had spread to my liver. Another major operation, eleven cycles of chemo and many hard days later I was back on my feet with clear scans and a future I thought I mightn't have. It is because of the skill of two amazing surgeons, an unbelievable oncologist, my amazing team of nurses, a relentlessly inquisitive wife and the work of CANCER RESEARCH that I am still alive today. The progress CANCER RESEARCH has made over the last three decades means that I was given a chance at survival, this was a chance my grandmother didn't have when she fell ill with the disease in the mid-1980's. Having been through the horrors of cancer, I want to do everything I can to help the research effort. 

To prove that I am back on my feet after a horrendous time going through surgeries and treatment for late-stage cancer, I have challenged myself to swim a mile each day during the month of May. Each day during my MileADayInMay! challenge, someone who helped me through the rough times will join me to swim a mile with all funds raised going to the incredible Cancer Research charity. 

My campaign is to raise funds for the brilliant Cancer Research charity who developed the diagnostics, surgical robots and chemo treatments that saved my life. The charity is developing treatments that are more tolerable and effective than ever before. It is truly amazing what is being achieved, but there is still so much work to do and progress to be made, hopefully this challenge will in some way help to advance the treatment of this devastating disease.

In 2019 Guy raised almost €85,000 for Cancer charities, 2021 fundraising is open for anyone who would like to donate.

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Photo's of Guy's final swim of 2021, he was welcomed back to the Club friends and family including; Commodore Pat Shannon, his Mother Kate and his wife Aoife, who took part in the swim.


Watch  the finale of Guy's swim 2019, as he is welcomed home to the Royal Irish Yacht Club

Above is Conor Roche, Guy O'Leary, Michael O'Leary, Claudine Murphy, Rachel O'Leary, Annalise Murphy, Jonathan Millar, and Tom Roche, at Guy's 27th swim from Killiney Beach to Vico Bathing Place. (2019)