Full VHF DSC Course


Thursday 11 April evening 1930 - 2130 
Saturday 13 April 10.00 -1700  
Sunday 14 Exam 10.00 - 1500

€214 including all exam fees and Department of Marine fee
Junior special rate €195
Refresher course without exam €110

This short practical course is for the full Irish Department of Marine and Transportation Radio License. If you have an Irish registered boat this is the certificate you must have. The course covers VHF Short Range Certificate for a Full Irish Ship Station operator’s license (GMDSS).   VHF DSC training equipment will be the same equipment used in the examination.   

 If you already hold an MCA / RYA certificate or the "old" restricted VHF certificate you can upgrade to the Irish SRC Certificate within the framework of this course.  Instruction and training with exam identical NAVTEX, SART, EPIRB and DSC VHF hardware. Cost: € 220 including all exam fees and Department of Marine Fee. 

Booking and Inquires to Craig Dowley, Hibernian Cruising School at seadowley@gmail.com  or 087 287 2823.