Welcome to the booking section of the RIYC Junior Sailing 2020.

Due to the popularity and demand we are glad to announce that “Taste of Sailing” course will be added to the remaining weeks of Junior Section this summer.

Taste of Sailing is a fun filled introductory course for the little ones from the ages 7 -10. 

1.You need your membership number to book - which is the last four digits on your Club card, or can be found on a chit or invoice or statement from the Club.
2.Fill out Parent and Child details
3. Select the session you require. 
4. Select Boat type. 
5. Select charter or parking option.                                      


Booking for each session will close at 12 noon on the Friday previous to the course starting.

The Club will be offering courses based on Irish Sailing training courses. Irish Sailing have excellent descriptions of the syllabus for each course which can be found on their website by following this link.  https://www.sailing.ie/Training/Courses/Dinghy-Sailing 
We encourage parents of sailors who have completed courses previously to check their sailor's Irish Sailing passport to book the correct course. Please follow this link to sign into the checklick app https://app.checklick.com  If you have questions about the right course for your sailor is participating in please contact our senior instructor, Haemish Munro, at seniorinstructor@riyc.ie 
It is very important that sailors understand that they have to stay with their designated group at all times, including lunchtime, while on the club premises. It is also important that double handers sail together for the duration of their course. Members who have booked places for their sailors will receive a Protocol for Summer Junior Sailing document and it is important that the parent and sailor understand the contents of this document.
We will try to accommodate friends but please first contact the sailing manager to get the visitors' membership number. We ask that members do not use their own membership number to book places for visitors. CV19 restrictions mean we cannot offer lunch this year. Sailors must bring their own lunch or have permission to leave the club at lunchtime.
We hope everyone has a great time and lots of fun on the water. Again, if you have questions about the course your sailor is participating in please contact our senior instructor, Haemish Munro, at seniorinstructor@riyc.ie 
Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the start and finish times?
9am to 5pm with an hour break for lunch. The sailor should enter by the side gate where the instructors will meet them. There is only emergency access to the dressing rooms so sailors should arrive dressed for sailing. 

What time will the child break for lunch?
This is somewhat dependant on weather conditions but generally between noon and 2pm. It is important that the sailors stay in their own pod for lunchtime. Alternatively, if the parents permit, the sailor can leave the Club at lunchtime and get lunch in Dun Laoghaire. Permission to leave the Club or not, at lunchtime, is a question on the application form.

What equipment/gear does the child need to bring?
The sailor will need full wetsuit, buoyancy aid and under layer, (underlayer depending on their own response to cold). A hat and sailing gloves are recommended. The sailor needs to have their own sun block. Please apply the first coating before arriving at the Club. If the parent has their own boat they will know what equipment should be with the boat. If the parent has chartered a boat it will be full equipped. 

Who will mind the children during their break times?
The sailors stay with their instructors at all times 

Is there a copy of the Covid restrictions for Junior section?
A copy of the Covid restrictions will be emailed to all parents before each course starts. It is important that the parent/guardian and sailor understand these restrictions. 

Is there any other information that I need to know?
There is instructor supervised access to the changing rooms. Sailors should let their instructor know if they need to use the bathroom. 

If you have an any other questions please contact the sailing manager mark@riyc.ie or the junior organiser sean.oregan@me.com

Photos of June 2020 sailing courses: