The Club is proposing that our cruising yachts, and maybe some from sister clubs, might sail together in mid-June to explore the best cruising grounds in these Islands, and no, it's not Scotland, nor is it the delights of West Cork.It is the Menai Straits only 55 miles to the start point in Holyhead or just 10 hours max on an average cruising yacht.

Anglesea is 25 nm miles wide and is roughly 100 nm to circumnavigate.  John Leahy, who will lead the cruise, has sailed the Menai often and has organised and led several 'cruises in company' with up to 40 other yachts.

The Menai enjoys proximity, sheltered waters in most weather, great scenery, low prices, lots of visitor attractions ashore and plenty of marinas. The tides are not to be feared but enjoyed; where else can you cruise along at 12 knots in a gentle breeze!

On Thursday 30 March @ 1930 hrs, our last Winter talk, John will take us on a virtual voyage across the Irish Sea and around the Menai. It is a delightful talk even if you don’t own a boat but highly recommended to those that do! Join us for the talk and perhaps enjoy the excellent cruising supper afterwards.

Anyone interested in joining this cruise please respond to oceanmasterjohn@gmail.com.



We are exploring the idea of a Royal Irish Yacht Club 'Cruise in Company' from Athens in late September. 10 days with 7 days cruising and time to explore Athens. 

The cost is about €350 RETURN for flights, €2400 for a Bavaria 36 - bareboat - not flotilla (600 per head) and overheads for food etc.
The proposed dates are 15-24th September (Friday to the following Sunday week.)

The cruising days are all short at about 25 nm, the crowds will have gone but the weather will still be warm.

Anyone interested in such a cruise please respond to oceanmasterjohn@gmail.com.

This is for expressions of interest at the moment but if we had, say, four boats with about 24 sailors that would make it worthwhile.

John Leahy Cruising Group
Royal Irish Yacht Club