Maritime Wave - Fly Your Flag at Dún Laoghaire Harbour


Maritime Wave - Fly Your Flag at Dún Laoghaire Harbour
20th July 2020

We have 2 requests;
1. If you have any old dinghy sails or cruiser spinnakers that you would like to donate to DLRCC for the community to use to make flags, please can you leave them with Mark this week by Friday morning (26th June) and Ciara will collect them     

2. If you are willing to participate by flying a flag from your boat please contact Ciara Dowling directly by email at 
Boats on the RIYC pontoon, RIYC deck, on the marina and moorings are ideally located for flying a flag 

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council are asking everyone of all ages in the community to come together in a day of solidarity and create a flag that will be flown at Dún Laoghaire Harbour, as we emerge from the final phase of the Covid 19 public health restrictions. DLRCoCo are asking the community to make the flags. You could make and fly your own flag or fly a flag from someone in the community from your mast. The flag will contain a message of hope for the future or a show your Covid-19 story! 
Further details on guidelines how to make your flag and sizes are on Closing date for submission of flags is 10th July
Once DLR receive all the flags, they will hand them over to members of the Dún Laoghaire sailing community to be flown from masts of boats in Dún Laoghaire Harbour. We hope that all waterfront boat owners will participate by helping to fly these flags at this very special event. Flags will be displayed on boats in their berths/ parking spaces. Ciara Dowling, will be liaising with the waterfront clubs and bodies, and coordinating the distribution of the flags to the boats on the waterfront for display.  
If you would like to support by flying a flag from your boat made by the community, Contact Ciara by email at: