A message for all Dun Laoghaire dinghy sailors - the experienced, the newcomers and those "still young" warriors who have been putting it off for all those years!

Dublin Bay dinghy racing is due to commence on Tuesday, 30th June. Saturday afternoon dinghy racing will start on 5th July. At the moment, there is a very special opportunity for single handers and double handers crewed by members of the same household. 

We'd like to give a big shout out to all the great single handers out there : Aeros, Finns, Solos, K1, Supernova. OK dinghies, Vagos ... and many more! As for the double handers, there are so many great boats you can race - RS200, RS400, Mirrors, Enterprises, Wayfarers, Vagos (again) ... the list is endless! Basically, we're saying you don't have to own a Laser to have fantastic dinghy racing this summer!

For a greatly reduced fee (now only €155 for single handers - that's not a typo! - and €250 for double handers), DBSC are offering up to 50 races between now and October. With limitations on safety cover in the open seas, racing will be in the harbour, 2-3 races per session so tight, close racing is guaranteed.

Just a quick explanation of PY fleet racing - we all race against each other, starting at the same time. The finishing times are corrected over a predetermined handicap system to determine the race results.

Please sign up here right away! 

Just do it! But if anyone wants more information on boats, WD40 coaching (removes rust!), or training opportunities to improve your skills, please get in touch with me, delighted to help if I can. For any Laser related queries please contact Laser Class Captain Gavan Murphy (087 2374591)

We have an ever growing WhatsApp for the PY fleet - please send me a text 087 2436878 - for latest news, banter, buy/ sell etc.