Monthly meetings of the RIYC MILITARY HISTORY GROUP take place in the Drawing Room at 1930 hrs and all Members and their guest are welcome. There is an optional supper in the dining room following same at 2045 hrs for those who wish to continue the discussion. Cost €20 main course and a glass of wine. Reservations to Catering.
Upcoming dates are:

Wednesday 31 October: 100th Anniversary of World War 1 commemorative talk with Timothy Goodbody.
 As we approach the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1, it is only appropriate we consider the great sacrifices made by so many. 
 The German Spring Offensive (operation Michael) was the last move by the German High Command to defeat the Allies before the weight of American troops and materials became an overwhelming and deciding factor against the Germans and their allies.
The talk, given by Timothy Goodbody, will start with a brief outline of the military situation on the Western Front facing the British 3rd. and 5th. Armies.
He will go on to describe the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the identification of the grave of Sargent John MacKenzie MM and Bar, Croix due Guerre almost 100 years after he was reported missing and subsequently presumed killed serving with the 6th. Battalion Seaforth Highlanders and the Rededication Service Tim attended on March 27th. 100 years to the day after Sgt MacKenzie was killed – 3 days after the 100th anniversary of his own grandfather being killed whilst in command of the 6th. Seaforth Highlanders.
The talk will also focus on the defence of the Cambria Bapaume Road put up by the 6th. Battalion Seaforth Highlanders over a number of days which held up the German Spring Offensive of 1918 and allowed other units of the British Armey to regroup, all be it briefly, behind the Seaforths.
The talk will also look at the appalling casualties suffered by the Seaforths defending just 1000 yards of front line and remember the many men who lost their lives just over 100 years ago. Their personal stories were replicated by the thousand across all the countries involved – both friend and foe.


Thursday 22 November :Annual Lecture  and Dinner
RIYC Military History Annual Lecture  and dinner with keynote guest speaker Professor Saul David, well- known British academic military historian, author and broadcaster. Professor David will deliver his lecture “The Force: The First Special Service Force and the Capture of Monte la Difensa”, He will tell the incredible true story of the assault on Hitler’s Winter Line in southern Italy in December 1943 – one of the greatest military feats of the Second World War – and the small group of elite US and Canadian soldiers who carried it out.

All members welcome, more details available from Winifred McCourt or 087 2446004