The RIYC MILITARY HISTORY BOOK CLUB meets monthly from September to March and will resume in the autumn.

Previous meetings have discussed "The Irishman who captured the flagship of the Royal Navy", presented by Hal Sisk, "Jutland - a failure of British command”presented by Mr David Beattie, "War and Medical Advances" presented Dr. Peter Boylan;  ‘Pursuit The Chase and Sinking of the Bismarck’ by Ludovic Kennedy presented by Joe Conway;  ‘Antwerp and the German occupation of the Scheldt estuary’ presented by Desmond Kelliher; ‘Paris 1919' by Margaret Macmillan presented by Dr. Jane Mahony; "The Punic Wars" presented by Des Cummins.

All members welcome and details available from Winifred McCourt or 087 2446004