Canoeing in Shark filled waters – the life of Irish writer Beatrice Grimshaw presented by Dr. Jane Mahony

Dr. Jane Mahony, Visiting Research Fellow and Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin and Associate Member of the RIYC, will discuss the life and times of the Irish-born writer Beatrice Grimshaw.

The  talk will be followed by lunch in the Dining Room.
Please arrive at 1245hrs for talk at 1300 hrs sharp.
Book now to reserve your seat, Lunch price is €27 per person and guests are welcome.  Members' table will be available for those attending on their own or in pairs.


In the 1920s and 1930s Grimshaw was as famous as Agatha Christie for her best-selling romantic thrillers set in the exotic tropical islands of the South Pacific. From her estate in Papua New Guinea, where she lived for 30 years, and drawing on her round-the-world travel, Grimshaw produced vivid novels of love and adventure with enthusiastically grisly accounts of head-hunting, cannibalism and murder.  Two of her novels were made into big budget Hollywood movies in the 1920s shot on location in the Pacific with a cast of some of the most famous silent movie stars of the day. She also achieved considerable world-wide prominence for her journalism and non-fictional travelogues. 

Yet Beatrice Grimshaw is almost completely forgotten today. This talk will look at her extraordinary life from her birth in Ulster in 1870 and her career in Dublin during the Irish Literary Revival, to her death in poverty and obscurity in Australia in 1953 - a life that was as exciting and adventurous as the plot of one of her own stories. It will show how politics and changing tastes combined to make her problematic for academics and literary critics, but suggest that it is now time to reclaim her as a pioneering and inspirational Irish woman who deserves wider recognition.